Toilet Troubles

Toilet Troubles, Does Your Septic System Need Servicing?

Troubles With Your Toilets? 3 Signs Your Septic Is About To Fail

One of the problems with septic systems is that they require constant care. It’s not enough to just have them emptied every three to five years. You should also have them inspected each time you have them pumped. In addition, you should have the drains cleaned about once a year. Taking care of those three maintenance needs will help keep your septic tank clean, free of sludge, and flowing smoothly. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been caring for your septic system properly, you could have some septic problems in your future. Here are some tips that will help you recognize if you’re going to be facing septic problems soon.

You’ve Got Problems with Your Seepage Field

Septic problems don’t always present themselves with foul odors and stubborn clogs. Sometimes the problems initially present themselves right over the seepage field. Luckily, because the seepage field is located right in your yard, you can look at the soil and identify potential issues. When your seepage field is working properly, the water will absorb into the soil at a consistent rate. It’s usually slow enough to prevent problems. However, if your septic system is about to fail, the seepage field may have developed a layer of sludge on the surface of the soil. When that happens, you’ll start noticing sink holes and flooding above your seepage field. With sink holes, the area above your seepage field will be much lower than the rest of your yard. With flooding, you’ll start noticing brown, smelly water bubbling up through the soil. Both problems are signs that your seepage field is failing.

Toilet TroublesYour System Needs Servicing More Often

When your septic system was brand new, you could problem go between three to five years without needing to have it serviced. Unfortunately, once a septic system starts failing, it won’t be able to last as long between service calls. That’s because the seepage pit can’t process the waste well enough. If you’ve been having your septic pumped more often than once every three to five years, but you’re using it the same amount, your septic system may be on the verge of failure. This is particularly true if your septic isn’t lasting more than a year between service calls.

You Found Raw Sewage Around the Clean-Out Pipes

Even if you haven’t been noticing raw sewage backing up into your tub, you could still have a problem. One place where sewage can back up without being noticed is around the clean-out pipes. Go outside and inspect your clean-out pipes. If you see raw sewage around the pipe cover, you’ve got a sewage backup problem. Carefully remove the pipe cover. If sewage has backed up into the pipe and has formed a solid pack under the cover, you’ve had a problem for a while. It’s time to call the septic company.

Don’t let your septic get the best of you. If you’ve discovered any of the problems listed here, you need to contact a septic company near you as soon as possible. Once your system fails, you may be looking at a total replacement of your septic system.

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