Tips to Finding A Good Plumbing Contractor in Edmonton

Tips to Help You Find a Good Plumbing Company Within Alberta

Before you hire a professional plumber, there are some things you need to consider. This article is going to shed more light on what is needed when seeking the services of a professional plumber. After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of why your plumber needs to be licensed and insured, able to give a fair price and provide huge value for your money, the company contracted for the job must have experience, they should be able to attend to you and fix your problems as soon as possible and lastly, they should be able to provide an affordable estimate.

 1. Is your plumber licensed and insured?

This is an obvious question any standard employer would verify because there are a lot of plumbers within Alberta who are not licensed or insured. In most cases, an individual might pick up a plumbing skill and start marketing his services to homeowners without bordering himself with licensing.

You as a homeowner need to take note of such individuals who market themselves as professional plumbers because being a licensed plumbing company, it is important you get licensed by the province, the state will make sure that the skilled plumber passes all the required background checks and testing before the license is issued to him. At the same time, insurance is a big deal also, it is an important element to take note of when one wants to hire the services of a reputable plumbing company.

Homeowners need to be protected in case there is an accident. If something serious occurs in your residence while the plumber was working, there is the possibility that the insurance company of the plumber will compensate you for damages which resulted from a mishap or an accident.

Assuming the skilled plumber does not have adequate insurance coverage and a major accident happens, the sad truth is that you as a homeowner could end up being responsible for damaged cost occurred.

There are several methods you can use to know if the plumber you contracted your job to is licensed and insured. The first method is to ask the plumber directly to show you his license or you can visit your local licensing board to verify licensing.

2. Does Your Plumbing Contractor Offer a Fair Price?

Pricing is a subject that a lot of people shy away from because of its sensitivity. These days, a lot of us want the cheapest cars, the cheapest appliances, or perhaps a cheap television set too. However, when it comes to plumbing, it is a different ball game. You don’t visit the dentist and ask him how much it will cost to fix your dental issues immediately after you enter his office, no one does that.

It’s true that pricing is also an important element when it comes to getting your ailments fixed by a dentist, but shouldn’t you be more concerned in looking for a dentist who can fix your pain quickly and stress-free?

You should view plumbers in the same light, sometimes hiring the cheapest plumber might be the worst choice you ever made just like buying cheap television sets and cheap cars.

The value should be considered because it is very important and also if you hire the right mechanical contractor in Edmonton, they will save you a lot of money in the long run even though they may not be the cheapest option available.

You should see your plumber as a fixer or a consultant, who can take a look at your problem and tell you the time frame it will take to get the problem fixed. Observe your plumber, does he talk like someone with experience? Is he helpful or talking out of point? Is he asking reasonable questions in order to get a better picture of the situation?

In most cases, it is better you pay that little extra in order to get value as compared to hiring the cheapest plumbing contractor in town.

The best plumbing contractors will always frown at the “how much” question just 30 seconds into the conversation, it shouldn’t be that way. Allow the plumber to show you the value he will provide for the money you will spend before asking for estimates for fixing whatever it is that is stealing your peace of mind.

Plumbing Contractor in Edmonton3. Take a look at their experience

Experience should be very crucial in hiring a professional plumber in Edmonton, experience is a great asset because you cannot overlook the knowledge and the ability a professional licensed plumber has to figure out a problem and fix it, you cannot substitute experience for anything.

Whenever you call your potential plumber via the telephone, the first thing you should do is to describe your problems to him and try to gauge his response to the matter at hand. You don’t expect him to solve your problems through the phone, instead, you just want to see how knowledgeable he is.

Furthermore, the reason you should take a keen interest in his response is to see if he has encountered a similar problem in another client’s residence and fixed it, that’s where experience comes in.

For Instance, let’s say you have some pipes that are leaking in your kitchen, if you call a professional plumber on the phone and explain the problem to him, he should be telling you things like these; “There are a lot of things that might cause kitchen pipes to start leaking, it could be a minor leak or a major leak. However, we can come over for a token to pinpoint the problem and tell you the cost of fixing it”.

From the way a plumber speaks, you will be able to ascertain if he is experienced or not. Your focus should be to look for an experienced plumber who knows what he is doing, who will give you honest answers that will be of immense value to you.

What you don’t need is a plumber who uses generic words, has no idea what you are talking about and can’t proffer solutions by answering your concerns.

4. Are they able to respond Quickly?

Have you ever called a plumbing service and got a call back some three days later, yeah… it happens. I don’t know if you have experienced it, but it sure happens a lot in the plumbing industry. Response time should be a factor when hiring a professional plumbing service in Alberta. Plumbing issues are considered an emergency service because of the level of damages it can cause.

In less than 6 hours, you might have a flooded house and your properties damaged if no one comes to rectify the problem on time. You may even have to contend with damage rebuilding which will eat up a lot of funding just because your preferred plumbing service came hours later to fix your plumbing issues.

In the plumbing world, response time is golden. The plumbing service should be able to respond within the hour or a few hours max. However, it’s a fact that reputable plumbers are always busy, nonetheless, there ought to be a system readily available to take care of your situation as most plumbing contractors have a lot of licensed plumbers on their staff. Also, don’t forget to speak with the plumber directly to get a hold of the situation on the ground.

5. Does the plumbing service provide Free Estimate or service fee

People will always debate on whether a plumber is supposed to provide estimates or do it for a token. Once again, don’t forget the analogy of the dentist. If you are asked to pay for a consultation, will you think twice about it? I think the answer is NO.

The truth of the matter is that most experienced plumbers will provide a FREE estimate, however, as long as the plumber is experienced, can respond to your call in time to fix your problems, you should hire the plumber irrespective of whether he offers a free estimate or not.

If by chance you come across a professional plumbing service that can give you value for your money and also provide free estimates, it should be considered to be an icing on the cake. Don’t let free estimates to be your only determinant for hiring a plumbing service provider.

In conclusion, if you have plumbing challenges within Alberta and need a plumbing service provider, it is crucial you consider important factors like license and insurance, getting value at affordable rates, having an experienced hand take care of your plumbing problems, getting a plumbing service with reasonable response time and also a plumbing service provider who offers a service fee that is affordable.

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