Private sewage disposal

A private sewage system is an important part of waste management in Alberta. At TNOL Mechanical Ltd, we provide adequate sewage disposal system services to protect the surface water and groundwater in your home from pollution. We are experienced in installing and maintenance of a private sewage disposal system in homes and commercial facilities. We provide an on-site sewage disposal in industries and commercial facilities for a long-term use.

We employ only experienced, qualified and licensed plumbers who hold PSDS installer tickets. This means an actual ticketed plumber with several years of technical training will design your sewage disposal system. If you want your sewage disposal system to last long, you should avoid contractors that are not experienced in private sewage disposal services.

At TNOL Mechanical Ltd, we provide excellent waste management, cleaning, and drainage services and our clients are impressed with our level of maintenance and care. We have strong experience in providing sewage disposal services to a range of industries such as water utilities, catering companies, hotels, local authorities as well as residential properties.

We offer the following sewage disposal services:

  • Water cisterns and private potable systems
  • Site evacuation
  • Open discharge systems
  • Sand mounds
  • Treatment fields
  • Secondary treatment systems
  • Holding systems
  • Private Sewage systems for large oilfield work camps

Private Sewage Disposal System: Installation & Maintenance

We also offer different types of private sewage disposal systems including on-site private sewage system using a septic tank or treatment unit to collect the unprocessed sewage from the building. We’re also experienced in the installation of leaching beds, filter beds, pumps, and siphons. A private sewage disposal system requires proper care and maintenance for a long-term use. We provide regular maintenance at least once a year or every two years to avoid system failure.

Private Sewage Disposal System Treatment

Over the years, we have worked on a wide range of sewage treatment projects in Alberta. Our dedicated team of technician and plumbers are highly experienced to offer expert advice on the appropriate sewage system for your property and how to provide a routine maintenance to ensure it lasts longer. We can carry out a wide range of sewage disposal projects, thus, whatever you need, we are here for you.

Schedule TNOL Private Sewage Disposal Services

If you’re looking to install a private sewage disposal system in your home or office, you can contact us. If you’re experiencing a problem with your sewage disposal system, we are available to help. We have licensed plumbers who can work on your sewage system for repairs and maintenance, and ensure it’s in a safe condition.