Heating and cooling

Whether you’re looking to repair your furnace, air conditioning or your other HVAC system, TNOL Mechanical Ltd offers heating and cooling services to bring comfort to your residential and commercial facilities. We have been in this business since 2006 and our experience has grown into a reputation for quality and affordability, and we work very hard to protect it. We have a team of qualified and skilled contractors and technicians who are ready to provide you with comfort in your home.

TNOL Mechanical Ltd serves businesses, homeowners as well as commercial facilities throughout Alberta. We repair heating and cooling systems and keep them running at high frequency. We are certified and trained to handle and service all models and brands of HVAC systems. We aim to protect our clients’ investments and extend the lifecycle of their equipment and appliances. We are committed to your comfort and safety, which is why we make use of the latest and advanced industry techniques to install and repair any HVAC system.

Here are some of the heating and cooling services we offer:

  • Air conditioner repair and replacement
  • Furnace installation and repair
  • Duct design, installation, and repairs
  • Heating and cooling repairs
  • Heat pump installation, repairs, and replacement
  • Hybrid HVAC systems
  • Emergency services for heating and cooling systems
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Heating & Cooling Systems: Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Whether you are looking to install a new heating and cooling system or you are looking to upgrade the existing one to a more efficient system, we are here to help. Similarly, if you don’t want small heating or cooling issues to escalate into a bigger problem, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance. We offer maintenance and repair for heating and air conditioning systems – from cleaning to lubrication, filter replacement to a unit refrigerant, we will keep your HVAC system running like a new one. Our team of technicians has the experience and knowledge to diagnose, maintain and repair your cooling and heating system. In fact, if you have a central air conditioning for your home, we provide the best support and services for your system. Don’t ever try a DIY repair on heating and cooling system – for your own safety and the warranty of the equipment.

If you discover that your water heaters or furnace are making unfamiliar noises, or your home is uncomfortably cold or warm, these are signs that they are not running efficiently. We are available to help – you can call for our immediate attention and one of our expert technicians will work on it to avoid an unexpected breakdown or an expensive repair in the future.

Schedule TNOL Heating & Cooling Service

If you are in need of water heater installation, or you are looking to repair your heating and cooling system, you can contact us. Our key goals are efficiency and safety, plus, we use the latest diagnostic technology to analyse and check any heating and cooling system. Our technicians are also trained technically in every aspect of HVAC safety training. Thus, we can work on any system you have installed in your office, industry or home. Call us today to schedule your next service or maintenance for your heating and cooling system.