How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes

How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes Yourself

Avoiding pinhole leaks in water pipes is almost impossible. Unfortunately, the chances are good a break is going to happen at an in opportune movement such as weekend, middle of the night or when you’re least prepared.  This is also known as Murphy’s law.

Let us show you how to fix a pinhole leak in water pipe when your local plumber is not available! The following hacks will help you repair the pinhole leaks in water pipes. Check out both temporary and permanent solutions.

Why Pinhole Leaks Occur in the Water Pipe?

There are many reasons why water pipes can leak in your home. Water has the ability to create canyons by cutting deep into rock over a long time. So how can a simple water pipe resist this unavoidable problem to happen?

Leaks can form as the water pressure erodes inside the pipe. The temperature of water and the minerals in it are the other causes which are almost impossible to stop.

If the copper pipe is not reamed out after it has been cut, or any lip made inside the pipe because of cutting with a pipe cutter can be responsible for this problem.

Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes
Other circumstances for the leeks can also include;

  • Municipality’s water pressure
  • Seasons
  • The level of minerals in the water
  • How pipe fittings were installed
  • Age of plumbing

Short-Term Repair Options

Pipe Repair Clamp

This product has got two metal plates with a rubber sheath. Place the plates over the hole and around the pipe, then tighten them together with screws. If the rest of the pipe is not plagued by leak, this repair clamp could even go as a long-lasting solution.

Hose Clamp

Before calling in a plumber in this situation, you may consider hose-claps as a very easy and temporary fix. Try duct or electrical tape; wrap it around the leaky part a few times. Now attach hose clamps at both ends of the tape. Instead of tape, you can also use a patch of rubber found in old garden hose or bicycle’s inner tube to cover the leak and a part a few inches around it. You may need to use one or more clamps depending on the size of the hole. But don’t think it will last for long. Repair the pipe as soon as possible.


To seal off a leak in the water pipe, you could use C-clamp. Place a piece of rubber cut over the hole, then put a wood block over it. Now install the clamp and keep tightening until contact is made with the wood block. Turn the water on, once the clamp is tightened.


This putty has two-part stick that you can buy from any hardware store. It is very easy to use for anyone to plug the pinhole. Clean the leaky section of pipe and allow it to dry. Knead the two Epoxy materials together. Then apply a chunk of putty into the hole and around it. As the putty is hardened after an hour, turn the water back on.

While kneading and applying Epoxy, don’t forget to put on a pair of gloves.

Long-Term Repair Options


SharkBite couplings are used for long-term repair. Cut out the leaky segment of the pipe with a rotary pipe cutter. Make sure the cutting edges are round, smooth and free of shavings or burrs. To do that, you can use a deburring tool which is offered by SharkBite.

Then put one end of the pipe as far as it goes into the SharkBite’s slip end, and slide the other end of coupling over the adjoining pipe with the help of SharkBite’s tongs.

SharkBite straight couplings can also be used with a piece of pipe in-between if the leaky section is larger than 2 inches.

Resin-permeated Fiberglass Tape

You can keep this very needful repair kit in your home to prevent the potential trouble of this kind of late weekend-night emergency. The fun is without using any tools, this thing can make a long-lasting repair. Read the instruction manual very carefully. Activate the tape with water. Wait some time, around 40 to 90 minutes, after applying it. It’s all done!


Always be cautious when dealing with a pinhole leaks in water pipes while taking steps for short-term or long-term repair.  And call a professional when it’s time to have water pipes replaced.

Let us know which repairing method you found the easiest and which one you applied to fix yours? We would love to hear from our readers.

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