Furnace Just Won't Stop Running

What to Do When Your Furnace Just Won’t Stop Running

It can be both irritating and expensive when your furnace keeps running without ever shutting off. Luckily, you might not need to call in the repair people, because there’s a decent chance that the problem is something that you can find and fix easily. Read on to learn how.

It’s best to see if it is the simplest problem before you do anything else.  Look at your thermostat. Is it actually at the setting it should be? If it’s set too high, that’s most likely problem right there.

If this doesn’t work, feel the air coming out of the registers. If it is not hot, then the problem is probably a broken blower fan motor. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to call a professional for this one.

Furnace Just Won't Stop Running

If you still haven’t found the problem, then ask yourself when you last changed your furnace’s filter. If it’s been some time or you can’t even remember ever changing it, then go change it now. If the filter is clogged with grease and dust, then it can’t move the hot air through very quickly. This could easily be the cause of the problem, and all you need to do to fix it is change the filter.

If the problem persists, go around your house and check all of the ductwork while the furnace is running. Look for any duct segments that have fallen out of place or come loose. Run your hand around each of the seals to feel if there is any hot air leaking out. Reseal any leaks with HVAC tape, and replace any loose segments.

If nothing else has worked, then your thermostat is probably malfunctioning. Unfortunately, this problem is going to require the professional touch. Even if the thermostat is fine, then there is still most likely some other serious problem. It’s time to bring in the professionals.

Whatever the cause of the problem, it’s best that you act quickly. The longer it goes on, the more money it is wasting.

Toilet Troubles

Toilet Troubles, Does Your Septic System Need Servicing?

Troubles With Your Toilets? 3 Signs Your Septic Is About To Fail

One of the problems with septic systems is that they require constant care. It’s not enough to just have them emptied every three to five years. You should also have them inspected each time you have them pumped. In addition, you should have the drains cleaned about once a year. Taking care of those three maintenance needs will help keep your septic tank clean, free of sludge, and flowing smoothly. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been caring for your septic system properly, you could have some septic problems in your future. Here are some tips that will help you recognize if you’re going to be facing septic problems soon.

You’ve Got Problems with Your Seepage Field

Septic problems don’t always present themselves with foul odors and stubborn clogs. Sometimes the problems initially present themselves right over the seepage field. Luckily, because the seepage field is located right in your yard, you can look at the soil and identify potential issues. When your seepage field is working properly, the water will absorb into the soil at a consistent rate. It’s usually slow enough to prevent problems. However, if your septic system is about to fail, the seepage field may have developed a layer of sludge on the surface of the soil. When that happens, you’ll start noticing sink holes and flooding above your seepage field. With sink holes, the area above your seepage field will be much lower than the rest of your yard. With flooding, you’ll start noticing brown, smelly water bubbling up through the soil. Both problems are signs that your seepage field is failing.

Toilet TroublesYour System Needs Servicing More Often

When your septic system was brand new, you could problem go between three to five years without needing to have it serviced. Unfortunately, once a septic system starts failing, it won’t be able to last as long between service calls. That’s because the seepage pit can’t process the waste well enough. If you’ve been having your septic pumped more often than once every three to five years, but you’re using it the same amount, your septic system may be on the verge of failure. This is particularly true if your septic isn’t lasting more than a year between service calls.

You Found Raw Sewage Around the Clean-Out Pipes

Even if you haven’t been noticing raw sewage backing up into your tub, you could still have a problem. One place where sewage can back up without being noticed is around the clean-out pipes. Go outside and inspect your clean-out pipes. If you see raw sewage around the pipe cover, you’ve got a sewage backup problem. Carefully remove the pipe cover. If sewage has backed up into the pipe and has formed a solid pack under the cover, you’ve had a problem for a while. It’s time to call the septic company.

Don’t let your septic get the best of you. If you’ve discovered any of the problems listed here, you need to contact a septic company near you as soon as possible. Once your system fails, you may be looking at a total replacement of your septic system.

Tips to Finding A Good Plumbing Contractor in Edmonton

Tips to Help You Find a Good Plumbing Company Within Alberta

Before you hire a professional plumber, there are some things you need to consider. This article is going to shed more light on what is needed when seeking the services of a professional plumber. After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of why your plumber needs to be licensed and insured, able to give a fair price and provide huge value for your money, the company contracted for the job must have experience, they should be able to attend to you and fix your problems as soon as possible and lastly, they should be able to provide an affordable estimate.

 1. Is your plumber licensed and insured?

This is an obvious question any standard employer would verify because there are a lot of plumbers within Alberta who are not licensed or insured. In most cases, an individual might pick up a plumbing skill and start marketing his services to homeowners without bordering himself with licensing.

You as a homeowner need to take note of such individuals who market themselves as professional plumbers because being a licensed plumbing company, it is important you get licensed by the province, the state will make sure that the skilled plumber passes all the required background checks and testing before the license is issued to him. At the same time, insurance is a big deal also, it is an important element to take note of when one wants to hire the services of a reputable plumbing company.

Homeowners need to be protected in case there is an accident. If something serious occurs in your residence while the plumber was working, there is the possibility that the insurance company of the plumber will compensate you for damages which resulted from a mishap or an accident.

Assuming the skilled plumber does not have adequate insurance coverage and a major accident happens, the sad truth is that you as a homeowner could end up being responsible for damaged cost occurred.

There are several methods you can use to know if the plumber you contracted your job to is licensed and insured. The first method is to ask the plumber directly to show you his license or you can visit your local licensing board to verify licensing.

2. Does Your Plumbing Contractor Offer a Fair Price?

Pricing is a subject that a lot of people shy away from because of its sensitivity. These days, a lot of us want the cheapest cars, the cheapest appliances, or perhaps a cheap television set too. However, when it comes to plumbing, it is a different ball game. You don’t visit the dentist and ask him how much it will cost to fix your dental issues immediately after you enter his office, no one does that.

It’s true that pricing is also an important element when it comes to getting your ailments fixed by a dentist, but shouldn’t you be more concerned in looking for a dentist who can fix your pain quickly and stress-free?

You should view plumbers in the same light, sometimes hiring the cheapest plumber might be the worst choice you ever made just like buying cheap television sets and cheap cars.

The value should be considered because it is very important and also if you hire the right mechanical contractor in Edmonton, they will save you a lot of money in the long run even though they may not be the cheapest option available.

You should see your plumber as a fixer or a consultant, who can take a look at your problem and tell you the time frame it will take to get the problem fixed. Observe your plumber, does he talk like someone with experience? Is he helpful or talking out of point? Is he asking reasonable questions in order to get a better picture of the situation?

In most cases, it is better you pay that little extra in order to get value as compared to hiring the cheapest plumbing contractor in town.

The best plumbing contractors will always frown at the “how much” question just 30 seconds into the conversation, it shouldn’t be that way. Allow the plumber to show you the value he will provide for the money you will spend before asking for estimates for fixing whatever it is that is stealing your peace of mind.

Plumbing Contractor in Edmonton3. Take a look at their experience

Experience should be very crucial in hiring a professional plumber in Edmonton, experience is a great asset because you cannot overlook the knowledge and the ability a professional licensed plumber has to figure out a problem and fix it, you cannot substitute experience for anything.

Whenever you call your potential plumber via the telephone, the first thing you should do is to describe your problems to him and try to gauge his response to the matter at hand. You don’t expect him to solve your problems through the phone, instead, you just want to see how knowledgeable he is.

Furthermore, the reason you should take a keen interest in his response is to see if he has encountered a similar problem in another client’s residence and fixed it, that’s where experience comes in.

For Instance, let’s say you have some pipes that are leaking in your kitchen, if you call a professional plumber on the phone and explain the problem to him, he should be telling you things like these; “There are a lot of things that might cause kitchen pipes to start leaking, it could be a minor leak or a major leak. However, we can come over for a token to pinpoint the problem and tell you the cost of fixing it”.

From the way a plumber speaks, you will be able to ascertain if he is experienced or not. Your focus should be to look for an experienced plumber who knows what he is doing, who will give you honest answers that will be of immense value to you.

What you don’t need is a plumber who uses generic words, has no idea what you are talking about and can’t proffer solutions by answering your concerns.

4. Are they able to respond Quickly?

Have you ever called a plumbing service and got a call back some three days later, yeah… it happens. I don’t know if you have experienced it, but it sure happens a lot in the plumbing industry. Response time should be a factor when hiring a professional plumbing service in Alberta. Plumbing issues are considered an emergency service because of the level of damages it can cause.

In less than 6 hours, you might have a flooded house and your properties damaged if no one comes to rectify the problem on time. You may even have to contend with damage rebuilding which will eat up a lot of funding just because your preferred plumbing service came hours later to fix your plumbing issues.

In the plumbing world, response time is golden. The plumbing service should be able to respond within the hour or a few hours max. However, it’s a fact that reputable plumbers are always busy, nonetheless, there ought to be a system readily available to take care of your situation as most plumbing contractors have a lot of licensed plumbers on their staff. Also, don’t forget to speak with the plumber directly to get a hold of the situation on the ground.

5. Does the plumbing service provide Free Estimate or service fee

People will always debate on whether a plumber is supposed to provide estimates or do it for a token. Once again, don’t forget the analogy of the dentist. If you are asked to pay for a consultation, will you think twice about it? I think the answer is NO.

The truth of the matter is that most experienced plumbers will provide a FREE estimate, however, as long as the plumber is experienced, can respond to your call in time to fix your problems, you should hire the plumber irrespective of whether he offers a free estimate or not.

If by chance you come across a professional plumbing service that can give you value for your money and also provide free estimates, it should be considered to be an icing on the cake. Don’t let free estimates to be your only determinant for hiring a plumbing service provider.

In conclusion, if you have plumbing challenges within Alberta and need a plumbing service provider, it is crucial you consider important factors like license and insurance, getting value at affordable rates, having an experienced hand take care of your plumbing problems, getting a plumbing service with reasonable response time and also a plumbing service provider who offers a service fee that is affordable.

We are TNOL. TNOL is a mechanical contracting company, we serve the Alberta area. We have built a strong reputation in the plumbing industry for our high standards and 24/7 reliable customer service. Our objective is to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of the folks within Alberta and make customer service our number one priority.

Our response time is fast and we offer reasonable estimates. Our services include plumbing services, cooling and heating systems, gas fitting, private sewage disposal systems and emergency services.

Contact us now to get your problems fixed.

Furnace Repair Service

When is the Right Time to Call A Local Furnace Repair Service in Alberta?

Is your furnace keeping you warm this winter? Has regular maintenance on your heating system been done yet to make sure your family is warm throughout the upcoming winter months. Most people with a furnace as their main heating system are not doing regular maintenance. They hear unusual sounds coming from the heater, it seems to be acting funny and instead of calling a reputable furnace repair business to fix the problem, they prefer to let things be the way they are, hoping that the problem will magically go away.

By doing regular maintenance, you make sure the furnace functions effectively in order to serve you for many years to come.

If you have discovered that your furnace system is behaving funny, perhaps something is wrong and you just can’t make out what the problem is, the best thing to do is to call your local furnace repair business in Alberta to come to your aid and help you stop the problem in its tracks before it develops into a bigger damage.

Some of the tell-tale signs or symptoms that furnace maintenance needs to be done;

  1. Are your Heating Cost Continually Going up When the Temperature in Your House Isn’t?

If you notice that heating bills are coming in very high and the house temperature doesn’t correspond with the high bills, something is wrong. There may be a problem with the burner or the fuse. A professional furnace repair personnel can take a look at the problem, get it cleaned and if necessary, replace the broken fuse. At the same time checking out the overall condition of the furnace.

  1. Does the Heater Smell Funny?

If the heater emits a strong stale odor whenever it comes on, it might be the unit’s way of speaking to you, telling you it needs to be serviced. Get in touch with a Professional furnace repair personnel before a dirty furnace transforms into a faulty one.

  1. Is the Furnace Making Strange Noises?

Does the furnace make some unusual noises whenever it comes on, that’s a sign that things are not in order, get in touch with your local furnace repair service to come and check it out for you to ensure that the sound is not from a cracked or broken part.

  1. Does the Furnace Refuse to Shut Down?

Your furnace should possess controls which enables it to switch itself on and off. If it comes on and refuses to go off, you know something is wrong. Contact a Professional furnace repair personnel to take a look at the fan switch and get it fixed so you can be in control of the heat level.

  1. Annual Checkup

A lot of clients only make use of their furnace system in September when the temperature is below 0°C only to find out it doesn’t work properly. If only they had done regular yearly maintenance checks on the heating system, the problem would have been avoided.

A the end of the day, if you notice any of these signs, try to get in touch with your local furnace repair business to get the problem fixed so your house can be warm and also ensure that your energy bills stay at a reasonable level.

Regular maintenance shouldn’t be seen as a waste of money, it actually saves you money in the long run by ensuring that your heating system is in good shape.

TNOL is a mechanical contracting company, we serve the Alberta area. We have built a strong reputation in the plumbing industry for our high standards and 24/7 reliable customer service. Our objective is to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of the folks within Alberta and make customer service our number one priority.

Our response time is fast, and we offer very competitive pricing. Our services include plumbing services, private sewage disposal systems, cooling and heating systems, gas fitting and emergency services.

Contact us now to get for your plumbing needs.

why hire a gas fitter

How Important Is It to Hire a Professional Gas Fitter

We all expect a cozy and comfy life in our home. Thanks to the technology, there are many utilities that make your life simpler and comfortable.These modern appliances and utilities help families and turn a house into “home sweet home”. The list of amenities may differ from person to person, but, has a few common items counting water, electricity, security, telecommunications and gas. While each one of them plays a vital role, gas is one of the most important elements for a house. From cooktops to fireplaces to outdoor to running hot water in the bathrooms, a perfectly installed gas system offers you a lot of comfort. However, the benefits of a gas system can be best enjoyed when it is perfectly installed and only an expert, qualified gas fitter can help you with professional gas system installation. In this article, we will understand why you must hire a professional gas fitter?

What is a gas system?

The gas system is installed in a house while it is under construction and once done, it is usually hidden in the walls and the floors. The system comprises of gas mains that are buried underground across the town. The mains further have pipe connections and a meter that sends gas to an individual house. The meter measures the gas consumption of the house. Now, while it is a pre-installed utility, you may have to alter it if you are planning a layout change in the kitchen or perhaps a renovation or add an appliance.

Why hiring professional gas fitter is important is because of the risks associated with the gas systems. Gas system is perfectly safe for domestic use but only if installed by an expert. Because of the combustible nature, the gas- natural or LPG can create significant damage. A single spark is enough to set an entire house ablaze in case of a gas leak. To make sure you have a safe gas system in place, you need a certified gas fitter to take care of any remodeling or installation of a new appliance.

Who is a gas fitter?

A gas fitter is a professional that is certified and trained to work on gas fittings, installations and appliances in industrial, commercial and residential projects. They are experts who understand the technical aspect and nature of the job and provide high-end installations services for gas related appliances including gas meters, valves, burners, or any other appliance that operates on natural or LPG gas.

Benefits of hiring a professional gas fitter?

There are numerous advantages associated with hiring a local gas fitter, here are a few of them:

Important of gas fitter.Preventing a disaster:

There are potential threats associated with inappropriately installed gas systems. While a gas system is a most common and frequently used utility, there are high chances of disasters happening because of a poorly installed or damaged gas pipeline. Leakages from the pipe can make the gas mix with the air, not only polluting the air quality, but also raising the fire threat. When you have certified gas fitter doing the installation, they will ensure that the natural gas fittings are properly installed and there are no chances of leakages. A local gas fitter undergoes an extensive training and examination for obtaining a Gas fitters certificate and become a pro for the doing the job. This makes them skilled and knowledgeable to check the entire system for leakages or other damages.

Assessing the existing system:

Experts recommend assessing the condition of the existing gas system from time to time. This helps in taking appropriate steps to make sure your gas pipes and piping systemare well in shape and conditions. A professional gas fitter has knowledge and experience to check the system and notify you of any risks. With accurate information about the gas system, you can plan ahead for preventing a disaster.

For remodeling projects or appliance installation:

Whether you have bought a new appliance that operates on gas or planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it is important to consult an expert local fitter first. The gas fitter can tell you the best efficientway to install the appliance or how you can save on natural gas fittings during your renovation.

Extra care for your gas system:

Besides offering you a solution to your problem, certified gas fitters walk an extra mile to ensure you understand the importance of a gas system and parts installed.They offer you tips to take care of the gas system and what to do in case of emergencies. They will also share the cause of the leakage and how you can prevent it in the future.

Knowledge about your gas system:

We all have natural or LPG gas system installed in our homes but most of us do not know how they operate. It is a critical system that has several pipes connecting the mains with a house and then with several appliances. There are different types of pipes available in different materials and sizes. While efficient installation of the pipes in the gas system is important, a gas fitter also ensures that the right type of pipe is used. You can also ask any questions to your gas fitter pertaining to the gas system.

You have someone to rely on:

Gas leaks are a huge emergency and to make sure you have an aid with you, hiring a professional gas fitter is a must. With a permanent gas fitter at your job, you can call the help in case of emergencies and make sure there is no damage. Most of the gas fitters provide emergency services and reach to the site ASAP.

As gas fittings are an important part of our efforts to maintain a comfortable home it is important to keep them safe and damage free. The above-mentioned benefits explain why you must hire gas fitters for the job. They bring along a lot of experience, knowledge and expertise to make your gas systems perfect and prevent any potential risks in long-term.

How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes

How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes Yourself

Avoiding pinhole leaks in water pipes is almost impossible. Unfortunately, the chances are good a break is going to happen at an in opportune movement such as weekend, middle of the night or when you’re least prepared.  This is also known as Murphy’s law.

Let us show you how to fix a pinhole leak in water pipe when your local plumber is not available! The following hacks will help you repair the pinhole leaks in water pipes. Check out both temporary and permanent solutions.

Why Pinhole Leaks Occur in the Water Pipe?

There are many reasons why water pipes can leak in your home. Water has the ability to create canyons by cutting deep into rock over a long time. So how can a simple water pipe resist this unavoidable problem to happen?

Leaks can form as the water pressure erodes inside the pipe. The temperature of water and the minerals in it are the other causes which are almost impossible to stop.

If the copper pipe is not reamed out after it has been cut, or any lip made inside the pipe because of cutting with a pipe cutter can be responsible for this problem.

Fix a Pinhole Leak in Water Pipes
Other circumstances for the leeks can also include;

  • Municipality’s water pressure
  • Seasons
  • The level of minerals in the water
  • How pipe fittings were installed
  • Age of plumbing

Short-Term Repair Options

Pipe Repair Clamp

This product has got two metal plates with a rubber sheath. Place the plates over the hole and around the pipe, then tighten them together with screws. If the rest of the pipe is not plagued by leak, this repair clamp could even go as a long-lasting solution.

Hose Clamp

Before calling in a plumber in this situation, you may consider hose-claps as a very easy and temporary fix. Try duct or electrical tape; wrap it around the leaky part a few times. Now attach hose clamps at both ends of the tape. Instead of tape, you can also use a patch of rubber found in old garden hose or bicycle’s inner tube to cover the leak and a part a few inches around it. You may need to use one or more clamps depending on the size of the hole. But don’t think it will last for long. Repair the pipe as soon as possible.


To seal off a leak in the water pipe, you could use C-clamp. Place a piece of rubber cut over the hole, then put a wood block over it. Now install the clamp and keep tightening until contact is made with the wood block. Turn the water on, once the clamp is tightened.


This putty has two-part stick that you can buy from any hardware store. It is very easy to use for anyone to plug the pinhole. Clean the leaky section of pipe and allow it to dry. Knead the two Epoxy materials together. Then apply a chunk of putty into the hole and around it. As the putty is hardened after an hour, turn the water back on.

While kneading and applying Epoxy, don’t forget to put on a pair of gloves.

Long-Term Repair Options


SharkBite couplings are used for long-term repair. Cut out the leaky segment of the pipe with a rotary pipe cutter. Make sure the cutting edges are round, smooth and free of shavings or burrs. To do that, you can use a deburring tool which is offered by SharkBite.

Then put one end of the pipe as far as it goes into the SharkBite’s slip end, and slide the other end of coupling over the adjoining pipe with the help of SharkBite’s tongs.

SharkBite straight couplings can also be used with a piece of pipe in-between if the leaky section is larger than 2 inches.

Resin-permeated Fiberglass Tape

You can keep this very needful repair kit in your home to prevent the potential trouble of this kind of late weekend-night emergency. The fun is without using any tools, this thing can make a long-lasting repair. Read the instruction manual very carefully. Activate the tape with water. Wait some time, around 40 to 90 minutes, after applying it. It’s all done!


Always be cautious when dealing with a pinhole leaks in water pipes while taking steps for short-term or long-term repair.  And call a professional when it’s time to have water pipes replaced.

Let us know which repairing method you found the easiest and which one you applied to fix yours? We would love to hear from our readers.

How a Mechanical Contractor Can Help

How a Mechanical Contractor Can Help

The work of mechanical contractors may seem confusing for a new homeowner because these technicians know virtually everything.  We can define a mechanical contractor as a trained technician who is in charge machine or mechanical-related work in a building.

Things we consider mechanical in your commercial or home space would be the indoor air quality set-up, refrigeration, HVAC unit and we can include items such as solar, electrical and plumbing systems. A technician spends up to three to five years as an apprentice or an assistant who is getting trained to be an expert in understanding the whole mechanical systems, the way the moving parts operate and what powers them.

Some mechanical contractors are specialized in areas such as repair, maintenance, and installations. There are many ways these technicians can help you. Your home or office may be suffering from temperature issues due to the air conditioners or heating systems.  It is the work of these technicians to ensure that temperature is maintained at a comfortable state.

What Mechanical Contractors Can Do For You

Installation, repair & Maintenance

A mechanical contractor can take a look at your property and tell you the perfect heating and cooling system that is suitable. They take into consideration factors like the energy efficiency, sound installation and costs of the system that would work best for that project.  Thinking of maintenance of any system in your home, a contractor would be responsible for handling such repair within a short time.

There is no sector that you would not lack the support of a contractor.  From hotels, manufacturing facilities, stadiums, hospitals to the refrigerated hockey rink, they are involved in the installation of pipes, equipment, ductwork and handling sophisticated HVAC systems. A mechanical contractor who is innovative and experienced would install, maintain and service technologically advanced piping, plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning and energy heating systems.

Site Supervision

In construction work, it is the work of contractor to supervise the project and oversee that everything works smoothly including the roles of the mechanical worker on site. It is the responsibility of a contractor to ensure that the mechanical parts of the property are installed within a specific time at the agreed budget.  A contractor may help you in delegating and allocating workloads and scheduling the works of subcontractors.

Solution Providers for any Mechanical issues

Mechanical contractors would offer you energy solutions, maintenance, construction, design, repairs and engineering projects.  They are solution providers for every mechanical work, plumbing repair and expanse design-build works.  The contractors are the ones you can count on to deliver their experience and expertise in any part of your property.

Before you contract a work to a mechanical technician, ensure you have done your homework. Be assured that the firm is trustworthy and experienced. The most effective method to stay away from costly problems as a homeowner is to hire an experienced mechanical contractor.  Some of the HVAC repairs that involve vintage and modern equipment can only be repaired or maintained by experienced technicians you can get online or offline.


Important Factors to Remember When choosing a Mechanical Contractor

Selecting the right mechanical contractor is imperative when it comes to any construction, repair or maintenance of a mechanical system in a commercial or residential facility. You can save time and money when you have selected a professional mechanical contractor that is fit for your project. However, it may not be an easy task to select a good mechanical contractor as there are quite a lot of them.  The quoted cost is not the only factor that can help you make the right selection. Below are some of the factors that you should remember when choosing a mechanical contractor:

Contractor’s Licensing and Experience
Canada and other developed countries require a mechanical contractor to have the proper licensing before the person can practice. You should hire contractors with at least three to five years of field experience before receiving a license. Experience is the master key when you have seen a licensed contractor. If you are hiring a company, you should ensure that it has a minimal level of insurance to protect you in case of accidental damage or injury.  Longevity does not guarantee that you would get an excellent job from a contractor. However, stability as a contractor is equally essential.

Evaluation of Property
A prospective mechanical contractor should be able to evaluate your home when it comes to HVAC system installation. A home evaluation would determine the ideal heating and cooling system a building requires. Some of the factors that should be considered during evaluation include the number of windows, the position these windows face, state of the duct system, square footage of the building and the R-value the insulation. You should not base your judgment only on the evaluation. The warranties, energy efficiency and costs should be compared with other contractors.

References and Referrals
You should request for references and referrals to call the previous customers up.  Some of the questions you may ask should include;

  • How long did the job take?
  • Did the contractor perform a clean installation?
  • Did the contractor respect the privacy of the property?
  • Did the contractor perform any test before installation?

You can search online to check the contractor’s rating or complaints, but you should be aware that some of the online reviews are not genuine.  Your trusted referrals can be your co-workers, family, neighbours or friends.

Rebates and Special Offers
You need to shop around for companies that offer some rebates when it comes to the installation of energy-efficient systems like the HVAC system.

A mechanical contracting company without adequate resources to work should not be hired. Some of these resources may include a reliable team of sub-contractors at its disposal, advanced and cutting-edge tools and equipment as well as adequate staff unit for larger projects.

Financially Responsible
A financially responsible contractor is always dependable. An excellent financial record would prove that the contractor can manage the cost of a project without difficulty.   You should keep in mind that the actual end cost of a project is not a quoted cost.  A good contractor does his homework before giving an accurate estimate.